Steve Balmer Speaks Out

Cnet has an interview with Microsoft’s President, Steve Ballmer, about future editions of Windows and what we can expect coming from Microsoft. While this interview is more for IT consultants and programmers it is IMPORTANT that you know what Microsoft is doing and what to expect so you can be an “informed shopper” of technology.
The interview also touches on Open Source technology and reads Beyond the usual hard sell for Microsoft, Steve Ballmer had another message for the 3,000 developers who showed up in San Francisco on Monday for the unveiling of updates to the company’s flagship database programs and developer tools.
In a speech ostensibly devoted to SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 200 and BizTalk Server, Ballmer staked out what he saw as the key business differences separating his company from other software makers–including the growing cohort that makes up the open-source community.
Microsoft’s chief executive officer later sat down with CNET to explain that while Oracle and SAP might enjoy a more cordial relationship with the Fortune 500, Microsoft’s ambition was to become the “grand consolidator of everything else.”