Syncronize Outlook from your Desk to your “Virtual Office”

Microsoft Outlook is a very popular tool, but it does not always come with the perfect set of tools to make the most out of it – no software does. One feature that could be lacking for you is synchronization of folders between Microsoft Outlook, mobile devices and shared network folders.

Add2Outlook for Contacts
, is an Outlook client-side com add-in which provides users with 2-way replication of contact folder entries and 4-way synchronization of edits/deletions. Add2Outlook comes from Advantage International, Inc., a Microsoft Outlook/Exchange Add-ins Solution Provider and 16-year old Tampa native.
Add2Outlook for Contacts is a collaborative solution for synchronization between three types of folders: public, private, and PST. Dane Stafford, Sales Manager and VAR Coordinator for Advantage International, states “For Outlook users connected to the LAN, Add2Outlook for Contacts will allow a system of auto synchronized private and public rolodexes for more efficient contact management at the workplace. Add2Outlook will provide individuals, team/ group members and even entire departments, the opportunity to access accurate contact information, any-time. Further, by synchronizing contact folders, users and managers can prevent accidental or malicious deletion of valuable leads or client contact information. “