Technology Fears Mask Real Issues

USA Today has a VERY good story, how people are afraid of technology, often for the wrong reasons. For example Another example of fearing the technological threat above the more likely one is identity theft ó the nightmare crime of the 21st century.
First of all, as Associate Press technology writer Brian Bergstein pointed out (voicing something I’ve been saying for a while), the term “Identity theft” is used so broadly that the only thing it’s good for is publishing scary statistics.
When you hear the phrase, you probably imagine some ne’er-do-well opening up credit cards in your name, getting a mortgage or a car, and then your being stuck with the bills ó and fighting with the credit reporting agencies to clear your good name.
But Bergstein found that something like 75% of money stolen through schemes reported as “identity theft” are done with fictitious identities. That is, the criminals make a person out of whole cloth to get a credit card; they don’t use someone else’s name or information.