Telephone Headsets: Sounds Boring But It’s Important

Plantronics, Inc. announced two new headsets designed for the growing number of home office workers. Optimized to provide hands-free conversations in noisy, busy home environments, the new Plantronics M210C and M214C ensure that users are heard loud and clear, and offer simple compatibility with virtually all cordless phones.

The new headsets provide affordable voice communication tools and a productive work-at-home experience for America’s growing number of home office workers ó currently estimated at 44 million people. Both the Plantronics M210C and M214C models offer a hands-free solution so that anyone at home ó including moms juggling multiple activities ó can manage a successful work-life balance while staying connected with colleagues, clients, friends and family.
“When I’m on the phone with my M214C headset with the handy mute button, I now have the confidence that if something noisy suddenly happens in the background ó like my kids coming home from school ó my clients won’t even know about it,” said Pam Ferguson, owner of Marketing Minds, a home-based marketing firm and mother of two. “Maintaining a professional image is critical, regardless of whether I’m working at home or not.”
“Using a simple, affordable headset at home can make a big difference in lifestyle,” said Joyce Shimizu, vice president of Plantronics’ Home and Home Office Business Group. “Users are now free to email, cook dinner or pay bills while talking on the phone ó seemingly adding more minutes to their days.”
The market is primed for headsets designed specifically for cordless phones. Approximately 66 percent of homes use a cordless phone and 72 percent of those phones have a jack for headset use, according to a survey conducted by Synovate in September 2005.