Trend Micro: Worry Free Security. It’s Rock Solid (I was wrong)

Richard Sheng, Trend Micro’s Global SMB Product Marketing Manager set the record straight for me today, regarding Trend Micro’s “worry free” computing campaign.
In this post I reported on their “worry free” campaign and shared that I didn’t think their efforts were much different than what other vendors are offering. While a few paragraphs of a press release could not really explain what Trend Micro’s new offering was all about, Richard’s explanation more than cleared the air for me and now you.
In a nut shell, if you are a small business owner and want to really have a “worry free” IT security business then Trend Micro’s solution is as pretty good as it gets. Working with a trusted security solution provider it gets event better.
Trend Micro realizes that smaller business, who do not have a full time IT security staff like larger businesses have, don’t want reams of raw security information but they want easy to understand security solutions.
The “worry free” part of Trend Micro’s offering is that their solution puts in ONE AUTOMATIC package a thorough system to resolve virus and other problems that could occur on your network.
If a virus, for example, is detected on your network, Trend Micro’s worry-free solutions will automatically take your computer network (client’s and servers) through the same procedures that Trend Micro’s crack security team would go through with a large Fortune 500 company.
This is the neatest part of Trend Micro’s offering and the part that separates it from the competition, Automatic Threat Protection, which provides the following automatic services:
Assess: provides vulnerability scan and priority report
Prevent: deploys outbreak prevention policy to contain and stop spread of threat
Protect: updates signature and initiates virus scan
Clean-up: cleans infected PCs and servers
If your small business had to manually go through these steps imagine the time it would take for YOU to do it, or the time (and money it would cost) for your IT consultant to do it.
Maybe there’s an emerging virus, Trend Micro’s labs can push critical information to the Trend Micro software installed on your network to give it the latest defense mechanisms.
Since Trend Micro’s solution can easily be remotely administered, for IT consultants, this is simply wonderful. Trend Micro is a SOLID partner to solution providers and lets you provide SOLUTIONS to your customers and not get bogged down in tech support calls which are expensive for your customers and time wasting for you.