Trend Toward Software As Services For Small Business

Anita Campbell writes – Software-as-services is the rapidly growing model for how software will be sold in the future. The impact on small businesses will be significant ó both small businesses that use software and also those small businesses that sell software.
“Software as services” or SAS, its acronym abbreviation, means delivering software over the Internet in the form of a complete service. You sign up for a service and you pay your monthly, quarterly or annual subscription fee. Or, increasingly, you pay nothing, because the service is advertising-supported and the vendor of the service gets paid through ad revenue.
Either way, in return you get the right to use the software through an Internet browser. Typically there is no need to download any software on to your computer or install anything. If you want to use the software, you simply log on to a central website. And, voila ó you are using a new application.