Two Factor Authentication: Soft Hard Token on a Cell Phone

Passwords are just fine for many uses but passwords (especially multiple passwords) can be difficult to memorize. Furthermore, one password means there’s only one “wall” between the data and the “wrong person” who should not have access to the data.
To bolster security, many companies (especially governments and financial institutions) are implementing tokens which generate a randomly generated ID used for that session only.
For example, if you want to logon to your bank account, you enter your password and user name but you also must enter a unique set of characters generated by a physical device you have with you. Without this second level of authentication you can’t access your bank account.
The problem with this solution is that you must issue these physical tokens to all your users. If it’s 5 users, it’s not so much of a hassle. If its 100 users, 1,000 users, etc the distribution process can be a real headache.
Diamelle Technologies has a software solution that can generate the token authentication on cell phones, PDAs or computers.
Most of the currently available hard token generators are expensive, sometimes costing as much as $65 per token. The high price tag makes it difficult for many businesses to implement such a feature for high volume applications, no matter how strong the authentication may be. Currently available token solutions for cell phones often rely on a phone signal, making them impractical for use in environments where a signal is not available. Further, the user consumes valuable phone minutes upon each use.
The Diamelle solution, while it’s capable of running on a wide range of cell phones, PDAs and PCs is based on the same principles as a hard token and does not require a cell phone token. The solution is easily distributed to its audience using the self service module in the authentication server and downloaded into the device using the Over the Air (OTA) feature found in most modern cell phones. This further reduces the cost of deployment and owner ship.
Alternative authentication methods are available for the odd occasion a user is unable to access either a cell phone or a PC. Since no additional hardware is required, the cost per user is very low. The Authentication server itself is also attractively priced at $5,000 for the first 100 users, including tokens. Additional users start at $10 per user and quantity discounts are available for high applications. Available with the server is a web based administration console to manage user information. The entire API is also available to facilitate additional integration with other systems.