Use Newsletters To Keep In Touch With Customers

Staying in touch with customers in slower months and promoting new business year-round is essential for the travel and tourism industry. To meet their communication needs, agencies have found email newsletter tools such as Constant Contact allow them to deliver professional results.
The ease of being able to produce newsletters and other marketing materials like press releases and maintaining a client database without hassles convinced Christina Pappas of Open the Door Inc. that email marketing would help her business.
“Originally, as a one person marketing firm, there was no way that I could do everything I needed to do for my clients without a tool like Constant Contact,” said Christina Pappas, president, Open the Door Inc. “Constant Contact was my first ‘partner,’ making it easy for me to manage a list of over 5,000 media and industry contacts on a daily basis. Now that I have staff, the first thing they’re trained in is how to use Constant Contact. Constant Contact allows us to be efficient in our communications to the media and our industry contacts, resulting in increased press coverage and business opportunities for our clients.”