With Remote Computer and Virtual Offices Transit Strikes Don’t Matter

For the Philadelphia businesses that have their businesses strategically setup for remote computing / virtual officing the transit strike will indeed be a convenience but will not shut down their businesses.
For others it will be tragic.
If you or your staff can’t get to work a few simple things will help: a) ensure all files on the office server are accessible remotely b) make sure all staff who need have “mini-offices” in their homes (2nd phone line, printer, virtual fax number (efax for example), a way to collaborate beyond email (like using WebExOne or Eunify), your office numbers are easily and remotely transferable to other telephone numbers (VirtualPBX, Gotvmail and other services can help).
There’s a lot more you can do, which varies with your business.
The Associated Press writes Nearly half a million people had to find other ways to get to work or school after contract talks broke down late Sunday between the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and the Transport Workers Union. One in three households in Philadelphia has no car.
“I’m not happy. How can you be happy?” Chris Hambrose said as he waited for a ride from his home in South Philadelphia to his job in North Philadelphia, a trip that normally takes 14 minutes by subway. “But if these people feel that they have to strike, you can’t take that away from them.”