Zappos – Customer Services for Soles shows other retailers (online and offline) how to LOVE your customers online and offline. Customer service is more than just fast email but a combination of doing right to your employees and customers. Talking the talk and WALKING the WLK.
Business Week writes that at Zappos Shipping and return shipping are free; most repeat customers get upgrades to free overnight or second-day delivery. “With Zappos, the shoe store comes to you,” says Pamela Leo, a customer in Montclair, N.J. “I can try the shoes on in the comfort of my own home. I can tell if the shoes I want will really work with a particular suit. It’s fabulous.” Hsieh, loath to advertise, has relied on such word of mouth to help double Zappos’ sales every year for the past six, to a projected $350 million this year. He says Zappos will become profitable next year.