Book Revierw: Skype Me! From Single User to Small Enterprise and Beyond

Skype is a VERY popular VOIP application. I’ve used it and millions of others have. However, if you don’t install it right, especially for your networked business it can be a security hole in your network. In addition, there’s more to Skype than meets the eye – why not get all you can from it?
If you want to use Skype as a core part of your business then “Skype Me! From Single User to Small Enterprise and Beyond” should be on your desk.
What’s inside?
-Get through the Basics Painlessly
Step-by-step instructions get you up and running on Windows, Mac, Pocket
PC, and Linux devices.
-Create Skype Accounts and Begin Chatting
Sign up, become listed in the Skype directory, and begin searching for
-Transition Existing Services to Skype
Plan a process that gradually replaces those services you currently pay
for with Skype.
-Expand Skype’s Capabilities with Add-ons
See how to add voice mail, SMS text messaging, Outlook integration, Web
toolbars, and call forwarding.
-Extend Skype via Its API
The API itself is divided into two main sections, the Skype Phone API and
the Skype Access API.
-Use Skype Away from Your Computer
No, you don’t need to be at your computer to use Skype. Learn how to
connect with your Skype server.
-Deploy Skype in the Workplace
Create a system design, accommodate SIP and H.323, and roll out security
-Create Business Solutions
Consider the pros and cons of Skype-based help desks, WiFi phones, and
other applications.
-Configure Firewalls and Network Settings
Make certain that ports, proxy servers, and NAT routers are Skype ready.