Broadband Over Power Lines

In Texas, residents have the option to get their Internet access from their power lines. Although this service is not for everyone it can now be considered amongst cable, DSL and satellite options.
Before ordering for your business do ask the power line provider what are the pros and cons of such a service and then talk to your DSL provider and tech consultant to get their input as well.
PC World writes Customers who subscribe to the service simply plug a tiny modem, based on the HomePlug power line standard, into an electrical outlet and connect a cable from their computer for Internet access, which is capable of two-way speeds 25 times faster than other high-speed services, according to the Current Web site.
In addition to traditional data services, the “triple-play” service supports Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and digital quality video streaming, Current said.
Broadband power line technology is not entirely new, and has encountered commercial and technological difficulties over the past several years, including spectrum interference with ham-radio operators, in both North America and Europe