Data Storage: It’s more Important Than Closet Space

Storing data is a VERY important responsibility for your business. Data that needs to be stored includes important client files, memos you create, email, financial information and so much more. HOW you store these files is as important was WHAT is stored.
Small Business Computing has a VERY good article on data storage and writes Over the past year or so, vendors have issued a steady stream of press releases announcing their dedication to the small business market. HP, EMC , Network Appliance (NetApp), Computer Associates (CA) and many others have released SMB (small and mid-sized business) or SME (small and mid-sized enterprise) versions of existing storage products, or products dedicated to smaller environments.
Despite this greater storage availability, however, most small businesses appear to have remained interested in the very simplest of the available storage architectures. Known as Direct-Attached Storage (DAS), this involves having the storage contained within a server, or having a tape drive plugged into a server for backup.
“The vast majority of small organizations use DAS,” says Tony Lock, an analyst at UK-based IT consultancy Bloor Research. “Some may have some form of networked storage and a small percentage may have major storage requirements.”
Most SMBs appear to content themselves with a server and perhaps a simple backup structure. But some may venture into Network Attached Storage (NAS) or even a Storage Area Network (SAN).