Days Inn Horror – Miami. Best Western solution.

I arrived in Miami about 3:00pm on Thursday, rented a car from Enterprse Rent a Car (such great customer service – from NY to Miami) then found my way to my hotel – the Days Inn.
The problem started when I asked about internet access. I was told that for a US$150 deposit and for $5 per day I could get internet access – wirelessly. I inquired further and realized that if I had my own WiFi card (which I do in my Gateway notebook) then I would not need anything (their wireless router) from the hotel, as the WiFi is not even their’s but just an open network by a local medical university.
When we (my family) got to the room, we found three roaches running around and decided to leave and go to a Best Western…for only a bit more money (US$80 vs US$116) we have a living room, bedroom, kitchen, the works in a MUCH better area.
There’s no broadband in the room. BUT their is wireless access from an open network and in the hotel lobby.
I wonder why Verizon Wireless does not give VWOD – Verizon Wireless on Demand (buy the wireless card and for US$5 per hour or something you can get broadband when you need it – and not for $70 per month!