Demystify Computer Models: Get The One Made for your Business

I’m not sure when was the last time you shopped for a computer – but the last time I looked around the different models of computers was pretty confusing. As you shop for a computer, it is important that you shop for a computer system that is made for your business and not for your living room. The warranties, bundled software and other features are often different.
Cnet has a review of computer vendor models and writes If you’re shopping for a new computer, choosing whether to buy a laptop or desktop PC is far from the last decision you’ll need to make. Even after you’ve honed in on a specific vendor, there’s often still a dizzying array of models and configurations to wade through. Further complicating matters, vendor sites may not provide all the information you need to pick the PC that best suits your needs and budget.
While our laptop and desktop reviews are a great resource for information on individual products, we simply can’t get to every PC that hits the market. To fill in the gaps, we present an overview of the laptop and desktop lines offered by the largest, most popular manufacturers.