Feature Rich File Encryption from Steganos and WinMagic

Making sure your data is safe from prying eyes is a huge concern of many and fortunately there’s many solutions on the market. One recently release solution, Steganos Safe Professional 2006, employs 256-bit AES encryption and enables users to securely store an unlimited amount of confidential data on 64 GB virtual hard drives that can be created on both laptops and PCs.
WinMagic Inc., recently announces the release of the latest version of its SecureDoc line of Windows-based disk encryption software as well.
With Steganos’ offering secure drives can only be opened by manually entering a password or by connecting the user’s password-holding USB stick, memory card, digital camera or ActiveSync-compatible cell phone (which, when used with Bluetooth, also provides wireless Safe access). The Safes close automatically when the password-carrying device is removed from the PC or laptop.
Another key feature of Steganos Safe Professional 2006 is the Steganos Portable Safe(TM), which is particularly useful for telecommuters and business travelers. Essentially, the Portable Safe helps employees securely transport confidential data from one PC or laptop to another by encrypting data onto CDs, DVDs (including dual layer), memory cards and rewriteable USB sticks. The information can then be decrypted on another system without the need for additional software. When using a rewriteable USB stick, it’s even possible to add more data to an existing Portable Safe and automatically encrypt its contents when the stick is removed.
Steganos Safe Professional 2006 can be downloaded and purchased immediately from Steganos’ Web site. A free 30-day evaluation version is also available for download. The pricing is as follows:
1 license: $49.95
5 licenses: $212.30
10 licenses: $412.10
There’s a lot more features that Steganos offers, get more information here