Health of the IT Sector: Impotant to SMB consultants and IT vendors

Forrester has new research which measures the health of the IT industry. Knowing the health of the IT industry is most important to tech vendors and IT consultants who can get a better grasp of how their personal economies are going to do.
Forrester writes The Forrester/ITAA US Tech Sector Index is the market’s most comprehensive view of overall IT industry economic condition. The Index is based on 11 measures of the health of the tech economy, organized under three major headings ó demand indices, supply indices, and firm strength indices. All 11 are weighted evenly in the overall index score. Each measure is available quarterly. Four of the measures are government measures, four are Forrester proprietary measures, one is a hybrid Forrester/government measure, and the remaining two come from other outside sources. All indices use a 2002 quarterly average as a baseline with the exception of Forrester’s analysis of large US vendor profits.