HP’s New Plan Under Hurd: Perfect for Smaller Businesses

Mark Hurd, HP’s new CEO is a very practical man, from what I can tell. He’s not into flash and games but into proven and steady results. With that in mind, Business Week writes that his plan for HP appears to be a good start. With only a few major hardware tech vendors (HP, IBM, Gateway, Dell, Sony) it is VITAL that you keep up to date with what is going on. How they are can affect YOUR business.
Business Week writes But there were other areas of interesting collaboration. Office printing for example. For years, HP’s printer operation has tried to build up its own services to sell along with its printers, to help companies manage their printing costs. This left room for IBM to build its own lucrative print services business, even though Big Blue got out of the printer business years ago. Now, HP printer chief Vyomesh Joshi is working with Services chief Steve Smith to do it right. They’re building a team to focus on defining new services, and how to effectively sell them.