Intel’s New Branding – Leap Ahead and More…

Next week expect to hear full news of Intel’s new branding campaign, joining AT&T in rebranding to SBC as well.
Intel is the lead sponsor of the upcoming Small Business Summit and I would expect their new branding to be well evidenced there as well.
“This evolution will allow Intel to be better recognized for our contributions, establish a stronger emotional connection with our audiences and strengthen our overall position in the marketplace,” said Eric Kim, Intel’s chief marketing officer as reported by News Factor.
News Factor writes Intel Corp. is launching a new corporate and brand identity that will include a reworked company logo, a change in its ubiquitous “Intel Inside” stickers and a shift away from the Pentium name for its microprocessors.
The changes, which will be formally announced Tuesday, come as the world’s largest chip maker tries to market itself less as a chip outfit and more as a provider of platforms, such as its Centrino technology for notebook computers or its upcoming Viiv for entertainment PCs.

Business Week has extensive coverage as well