Internet 2.0 – Can Microsoft Revive

When the Internet first got into the veins of businesses, Netscape and others were the “leaders”. However, Microsoft got wind of it and is now the leader or “a” leader in web browsers and the “online” experience from the PC. But now, there’s another thing happening – more and more users are using online applications for business work. Microsoft’s core Windows operating system and business applications will be challenged and small businesses, more than anyone else need to know what is going on.
Cnet writes and wonders if Ray Ozzie (who started Groove Networks) can revive Microsoft and make it a leader in the online application world?
Cnet writes The Internet, Round 2, is now under way. Again, the computing terrain is changing remarkably, helped along by free software like Linux and the spread of high-speed Internet access. Today, all kinds of computing experiences can be delivered as services over the Internet, often free and supported by advertising. Clever Internet software can now turn flat, view-and-read Web pages into snappy services that look and respond to a user’s keystrokes much like the big software applications that reside on a PC hard drive. New companies are even sprouting up to offer Web-based word processors and spreadsheets, products long regarded as mature–and long dominated by Microsoft’s desktop programs.