Luggage Distributor Boost Orders by 20% with Software Integration

Sometimes the software you have is not robust enough to take you to the next level reports Sage Software. If the software you have does not offer an integrated solution you’ll have trouble growing.
Sage Software announced how the migration and upgrade of the business management systems of Heys International, Limited of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada from a combined Intuit QuickBooks/DOS-based Alteris Business Management System to Sage BusinessVision 50 Accounting system has enabled the company’s successful transition to e-commerce, boosting orders by 20 percent.
Utilizing the Sage BusinessVision e-BusinessVision module as part of its new solution, Heys International can now offer online purchasing to retailers of its popular xcase carry-on luggage. Online customers currently comprise approximately 25 percent of Heys’ customer base, with the number growing quickly.
In addition to the e-BusinessVision e-commerce module, the Sage BusinessVision 50 Accounting solution for Heys International includes an integrated CustomPak module that provides the ability to maintain customizable levels of detail within each accounting module, such as key customer preferences, various product data and other notes via easily accessible attached workbooks. The Multiple Currency Manager module assists Heys with its constant Canadian to U.S. dollar conversions, and vice-versa, in addition to handling invoices from their Far East-based clients.
Automated inventory management gives Heys a better handle on their inventory by flagging items that go below a preset number in order to prevent them from being out of stock, and Sage BusinessVision 50 Accounting maintains all of Heys International’s business data in a single location√≥another key efficiency improvement for the company. Sage BusinessVision even prints checks for Heys, saving the company another two hours in productivity every week.
Sheik concludes, “It’s awesome to have one seamless system, which is easy to use, and can be tailored to specific industry needs.”