Microsoft CRM 3.0 – Released

Microsoft Dynamicsô CRM 3.0 is Microsoft’s latest push into the HUGE Customer Relationship Management (CRM) space. Those companies that best know their customers will be in a much better position to have LOYAL customers come back, again and again for more. There’s more to great customer service than technology of course, but a powerful customer database is one important tool.
The product is offered in a Professional Edition and a Small Business Edition, and is immediately available in English worldwide
In this version, Microsoft has even tried to make sure the installation process is smooth. The new release of Microsoft CRM offers a new version designed for small businesses. The new Small Business Edition is designed to run on Microsoft WindowsÆ Small Business Server (SBS) and offers a full CRM suite that can be installed with just 10 clicks. It provides wizard-driven configuration of the application, integrates tightly with SBS features such as fax management and integrated server management, and offers an easy migration path from Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager.
As of Jan. 1, 2006, Microsoft will offer subscription-based licensing to partners that deliver hosted solutions based on Microsoft CRM. This continues Microsoft’s strong commitment to providing a choice of flexible and affordable CRM functionality in both on-premise and hosted deployment models. Since the same code is used in both models, customers can choose whichever deployment model fits their business and technical requirements at any point in time.
The English language version of Microsoft CRM is available worldwide. Dutch, French, German and Russian versions of Microsoft CRM will be available on Jan 1, 2006.
The product is available through Microsoft Volume Licensing programs; the price will depend on the license program being used. The full-suite Professional Edition is priced between $622 and $880 (U.S.)* per user and $1,244 and $1,761 (U.S.)* per server. Full-suite Small Business Edition is priced between $440 and $499 (U.S.)* per user and between $528 and $599 (U.S.)* per server. All prices include one year of Software Assurance.