Microsoft Office is Dead. Office is Alive

Robert Scoble, Microsoft’s famous blogger picks up Dan Gilmore’s (technology pundit) piece in ZD Net that Microsoft Office is dead. For many businesses, I agree with Robert, Microsoft office still is a VERY viable and useful tool. HOWEVER, with the huge growth in online service, I use MSFT Office less and less. On the other hand, it continues to be a valuable and must have tool for MANY businesses.

I have just finished reading Robin Miller’s new book, Point & Click Open Office and it gives a very good and easy overview of using the FREE OpenOffice, which competes with Microsoft Office.
Robert, gives reasons why MSFT Office it’s alive and writes But, Office still has some kick left in it. I’ve been using Office 12 for the past few days and, I can¬?t go back. The Excel pivot table feature alone is worth paying hundreds of dollars. Alone.
And tables are finally really cool. PowerPoint is actually something I¬?ll use again. Creating a chart there is sure a lot nicer than I¬?ve been able to do on any Web site.

On the other hand, Dan Gilmore writes that office is dead So if the war is already over, then what more does Microsoft have to lose? Only time. Time in which to make the switch to services. But can they just clone search and win share? Entropy rules. Take one of my favorite parts of Word- Outline mode. Works great, hasn’t measurably changed since Office 97. Why upgrade? Can it be taken down? What do you think Dave Winer’s OPML Editor is? But wait, what chance does OPML Editor or TechCrunch Plus or Writely have against Office? After all, Office already owns the Blogosphere with its built-in RSS editor. You know, Vista, NewsGator, Attensa, Pluck, oh, there isn’t one.
But wait, says Ray. We’ve already lost the war. If Google can write a calendar tool, goodbye Outlook for real. If they can write a drag-and-drop outline/presentation tool pulling in graphics from Riya and podcasts from anywhere, goodbye the only parts of Word and PowerPoint I still care about. So what if we cut our losses and pay users for their attention with free software, says Ray. You know, the bloggers, casters, taggers, and mashsters formerly known as the audience. Cut our losses, sell the ’00 Hairball and trade up to an ’06 Hybrid.