New Hosted Data Base: Dabble DB

I have used Gossamar-Threads Dbman for years, I’ve also used Intuit’s QuickBase. These are two online database solutions. Microsoft Access (which I use) and File Maker Pro are two PC based applications.
There’s another hosted database, Dablle DB which has received rave reviews from Solution Watch.
Solution Watch writes – This past week I have been beta testing the soon to release, Dabble DB. Dabble DB is a powerful web-based system that lets you store and manage just about any kind of information and share it over the web. The way it works is much like a Database Management System, such as phpMyAdmin, except a whole lot more inviting and user-friendly because of the easy to use structure, beautiful user interface, and the use of terms that the average person can understand. The idea is that you create your own applications storing information the way you want and viewing it the way you want. My first feelings of the service was honestly pretty intimidated but after viewing the LispVan Video and making my first application, I became comfortable and aware of just how powereful Dabble DB can get. Imagine creating an application for just about anything at all. Create your own todo list, bookmark manager, project management system, etc.. You can make it all yourself with Dabble DB. There is a lot to go over, so lets get started!