NYC: Broadband for All. But It’s Not A Right

Many proponents of universal broadband believe that broadband is a RIGHT that everyone must have. It is NOT a right. We have a right to be free and other things but not a RIGHT to technology services. On the other hand, if society can GIVE broadband and other services to those who cannot afford it, to better their lives -I’m all for it.
As we usher in a New Year lets consider things we can do to help those less fortunate than ourselves with our business skills and talents.
Cnet writes In the last session of the year, the City Council of New York passed legislation that creates a special broadband commission to advise Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the city council on how the resources of city government can be used to help roll out broadband throughout the city. The goal of the commission is to educate the general public about broadband and the newest communication technologies, and to give New York City residents the opportunity to comment on how to close the digital divide.
“Broadband is a fundamental civil right and human right,” Bill de Blasio, a city council member, said during the session on Wednesday. “This legislation will start us down this road.”