Software on the ‘net not on your PC

Get used to it. More and more software you use is going to be online – not on your PC. This is good as you can access software via the Internet from anywhere. It’s bad as if you don’t have a ‘net connection – well you get no work done.
USA Today writes Consider the implications: A computer with enough storage to hold the basic operating system and a Web browser can now let you do word processing, work with spreadsheets, send and receive e-mail, view maps, and of course access the Web standard array of reference sources.
Put everything in flash memory or ROM and you have a no-moving-parts machine: light, tough, and with great battery life. Want to make it perfect? Add a bit of flash-memory storage and a USB port so you can use a thumb drive, and of course Wi-Fi and either EDGE or EvDO for high-speed access from a cellular provider.