w/Ease Software – Made for the 5 Employee or Less Size Small Business

Lounge Pants Software, based in Wichita, Kansas brings us w/Ease Small Business Software, which is made for small businesses with five or less employees.
At $89, w/Ease Software helps with Estimating, Job Tracking, Customer Information, Labor, Inventory, Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, Tax Reporting.
I can’t tell you how this software works compared to Peachtree, Quickbooks or some other business management tool but I can tell you that the designers have worked with over 50 small business owners and the Wichita Independent Business Association (WIBA) in developing our product.
If you are one of the millions of small businesses that are NOT using accounting software to manage your business check out w/Ease or Intuit’s Quickbooks Simple Start
As founder and president of, Lounge Pants Software, makers of w/Ease, John Dettenwanger, watched the small business owners he hired scribble notes on legal pads, gum wrappers and the backs of their hands then handwrite awkward invoices, he realized these entrepreneurs needed an easy tool to keep them organized. Lounge Pants’ founding premise is based on this observation and extensive interviewing of small business owners and small business development professionals. That premise is that a small business that establishes sound business management practices has a greater chance of success.