Web Traffic Analysis – So Important for Business Growth

I’ve written about this before, but it can’t hurt to write again, about web traffic analysis. If you don’t know details about the traffic coming to your web site you won’t know where to advertise more effectively, what pages no one is looking at and more.
Currently I use Freestats.com for my web traffic analysis. It works fast and has several data points that I can use to know more about the traffic to smallbiztechnology.com. Previously I used Web Side Story’s Hit Box, which worked well also.
Small Business Computing writes Motorcycle-Superstore.com opened for business in late 1998, and just over a year later the company purchased software from WebTrends, a leading Web analytics provider that serves large enterprises as well as small.
“We had a tough time deciphering where we were lacking in sales, in terms of traffic,” says Becklin. “One of our biggest goals was to see where people were going and where people weren’t going, and then trying to compare that against where sales were coming from.”
They have a very good article on how online businesses use web traffic analysis to grow their businesses!