What’s Your Contingency Plan If You Can’t Get to the Office?

If you wake up one morning and find out you can’t get to your office, could you function one day, one week without going in? If the answer is no, think of things you can do to ensure you can operate without your office.
Some suggestions:
1. Make sure all files on your computer are accessible remotely via VPN
2. Make sure all files on your local PC are on a central server are accessible via a remote access service
3. Ensure all employees have updated client/customer; staff; and vendor/partner contact information.
4. Are your key staff (accountant, IT consultant) in your plans?
Cnn writes “We’re open for business as usual,” said Selena Morris, spokeswoman for Merrill Lynch & Co. The financial management company had some employees working from home, while others could go to various regional offices if getting into Manhattan was too difficult.
“It makes it a lot easier for people to function when you have a crisis like this, just to log in from wherever you are,” she said. “It’s inconvenient, obviously, but I think we’ve been able to work around it.”