Why Do the Japanese Get “Better” Technology?

In the USA, technology is driven by what technology vendors give to us. In Europe and Asia, technology is often drive by customer demand. If you want BETTER technology with BETTER support and are willing to pay for it – demand it. One voice will do not good, but MANY voices will be heard loud and clear by tech vendors.
NewsFactor writes – One of the major reasons that overseas innovation does not cross the ocean has to do with market drivers, noted Douglas Krone, chief executive of Dynamism.com, perhaps the most well-known importer of technology that cannot be bought on the shelves at local retailers here in the U.S.
“In Japan, where a majority of the cutting-edge innovation occurs, they’re driven by consumer demand,” he said. “In the U.S., we’re mainly driven by business needs. That’s why you see more of an emphasis on cheap laptops than on lightweight machines.