Windows OneCare Live – Symantec, TrendMicro, McAfee Killer

One big chink in Microsoft Windows has been security. When using Windows we’ve always had to rely on third party applications such as anti-virus products, firewall and anti -phishing tools to secure Windows. Right now the offering is free and in beta but when it’s fully launched there will be LESS need for 3rd party security applications.
However, Windows is launching Windows OneCore Live which offers a range of services and benefits.
Microsoft writes that benefits include:
Provides a comprehensive PC health service
Windows OneCare helps protect and maintain your computer with an integrated service that includes antivirus, firewall, PC maintenance, and data backup and restore functionality.
Works automatically to help provide hassle-free protection and maintenance
Windows OneCare automatically takes care of key tasks such as running antivirus scans, updating the antivirus engine and virus definitions, updating the firewall, and running a monthly PC tune-up to improve and maintain your computer’s performance.
Continuously evolves to help protect you from the latest threats
Because Windows OneCare is a service, you will not need to wait for a new version in order to help protect your system from new threats or to take advantage of new features. Windows OneCare updates itself automatically over the Internet so you always have the latest technology.