Wireless Networks Don’t Have to Be Security Holes

As you get more and more into using wireless networks for your business, YOU MUST do all you can to ensure that your network is secure. From hackers who want to destroy your data or just steal it, to employees who might unintentionally be opening holes your must secure your wireless network.
Base Line magazine has a VERY thorough and well written piece on this and writes Wi-Fi, the industry’s marketing term for the technology that runs most wireless data networks, is as common today as double lattes. The hardware necessary to connect to Wi-Fi networks
is built into most laptops sold today, and service providers have set up Wi-Fi hot spots at airports, hotels and coffee shops around the globe. Hackers have even coined a term (“wardriving”) for cruising around in a car with a wireless laptop to find unsecured networks.
Naturally, the people who protect wireless networks live in a state of constant vigilance. “We’re trying to keep a paranoid vision of how many patient records we fling through the air,” says Steve Champion, the senior data security analyst for The Methodist Hospital System in Houston.