Archive of January 2006

Lawyers Need Technology Too

Although lawyers help us when we are in court, and help others take us to court (in addition to keep us all out of court if we have a good lawyer), many small law firms are indeed small businesses and need technology help as well. They, just like other small businesses, know their core business […]

Conference Calling with Skype & Vapps

New Jersey based Vapps has launched a new, “Skype” supported audio conference calling service that enables you and up to 500 participants to participate in an audio conference. The neat thing about this service is that it’s low cost starting at 3 euro cents per minute and setup is easy and quick. Powered by Vapps, […]

Inside a Pocket PC: A Beginner’s Guide

For those of you who already have a PDA running Microsoft’s Pocket PC please indulge the many in my audience who probably have not used (or seen) a Pocket PC Device. In the world of mobile computing there’s two main operating systems – Palm and Windows Pocket PC. There are others, such as the one […]

Linux – It’s Still An Option for Some

Although Microsoft deservedly has the largest share of desktop office applications, Linux is still a viable option for some businesses. Novel (and other companies) are continuing to ensure it. Linux is often cited as being “free”, but costs that can add up to include training and support, not including the hidden cost of migrating from […]

Build A Web Site Yourself? Oh Yes You Can!!

There’s three ways to build a web site. Two of the ways including building it yourself. You can hire a consultant who can build the web site for you. You can buy software, install it on your computer and build the web site yourself (also get a hosting service and domain name) OR you can […]