$100 Appliance for Online Security

As I sit in the hills of Pennsylvania and suffer without a reliable Internet connection (next time I’ll have Verizon mobile broadband), I’m reminded that no matter where you are viruses can lurk and hackers can linger. There’s many solutions, and D-Link has a new one.
PC World writes At the Consumer Electronics Show here, the networking vendor launched its SecureSpot DI-103 Internet security device, which it says protects PCs from viruses, spam, and spyware.
The 1-inch-thick appliance occupies about 16 square inches of desk space and is essentially a custom version of the company’s DI-102 VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) accelerator, according to Michael Scott, technical media manager with D-Link.

You should always have a software based anti-virus and firewall solution on your computers, but an appliance can add an additional level of security.