2006 Edition of Edwards Disaster Recovery Released

This thick and juicy directory is a 400 page business-to-business resource designed to help companies be better prepared and save time and money when every second counts, by quickly locating crucial but hard-to-find recovery services throughout the United States and Canada.
Available in both hard-copy and on CD with hotlinks to vendor websites, Edwards Disaster Recovery Directory contains thousands of vendor listings organized into more than 400 categories such as data recovery, drying and dehumidification, smoke odor counteracting services, trauma counselors, salvage, emergency rentals, storm damage restoration, disaster planning software and more. Augmenting these listings is an introductory section, with articles on “getting started” with disaster-planning without destroying your budget, items which even experienced disaster-planners often overlook, planning for bio-terrorism, crisis communications, and workplace violence.
Disasters that befall companies can range from natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and tornadoes to power system failures, fires and terrorism. “Even small disasters or remote ones can have a domino effect in our global economy,” said Dr. Steven Lewis, C.I.S.A., editor-in-chief of the Edwards Disaster Recovery Directory. Lewis, a nationally-known business continuity expert, has counseled and developed plans for more than 100 companies.