All in one devices? Or one device per task?

I use a plain LG/Verizon cell phone, Dell Axim PDA and a nice Gateway notebook. That’s really about all I need. Others of course need a BlackBerry for email communication but for most business professionals the gadgets they buy, they buy for one thing. Be it email, talking or something else.
Tech vendors want us to purchase a Smartphone and download all kinds of applications to work with it and using airtime ($$$) in the meantime. USA Today writes In a report released Tuesday, tech research firm In-Stat says: “The median number of applications that smartphone users have downloaded is only one.”
This is like Baskin-Robbins finding out that just a single flavor would do.
Much of the tech industry has boarded a bandwagon in search of a mythical all-in-one device. Companies cram every possible feature into a single unit, convinced consumers want a Swiss Army phone-a-berry-HD-compu-pod. Think Treo, Motorola’s new Q, or any device made in South Korea.
Oddly, the industry seems to have missed the most obvious lesson from the phenomenal success of Apple Computer’s iPod: People enjoy devices that do one thing extremely well.