Black Berry 7130e vs Treo 700

For the next 30 days or so, I’ll be immersed in a very mobile and wireless world. I’ve trying out a Verizon Wireless supplied Blackberry 7130e and Treo 700w. Both devices can connect to Verizon’s broadband wireless service and both are made for voice, email and web browsing. The big difference I’m noticing so far is the usability. Clearly, the Blackberry is made for easily checking email and using one hand to do it. The Treo is made for the those who need a phone, but need to see email as well.
I don’t think there’s one clear “winner” but over the next few days as I use these devices – one powered by Windows and one powered by Blackberry’s operating system I’ll try to guide you into which one is for you.
Right now, I’m using Verizon’s wireless broadband card on my notebook. I’ll be using three of these cards at the Small Business Summit 2006 as well., , ,