Book Review: Controlling Your Workday Using Microsoft Outlook

I’ve come across several books and tips that help business owners get more out of Microsoft Outlook, however, over the weekend I was reading Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook and this is the first book I’ve read that really blends the technical aspects of using Microsoft Outlook with deep insight on MANAGING your day to day activities.
Author Michael Linenberger walks the reader through not just typing in dates, tasks and emails into Outlook but in HOW to do these things so that your day is MOST productive.
He books is focused on 8 best practices for using Microsoft Outlook more effectively:
1. Tracking all tasks in Outlook’s task system – no sticking notes, no email reminders, just Outlook tasks
2. Distinguishing between Master and Daily tasks
3. Simple system of prioritization
4. Writing only next actions on your daily todo list
5. Daily and weekly planning
6. Converting emails to tasks
7. Filing emails using categories
8. Delegating Tasks effectively
Although you might not be able to take your entire management system and convert it to how Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook suggests, if you just take a few ideas from this book and apply it to your day-to-day life you’ll be much more productive.