Company Upgrades from DOS and Sticks with ACCPAC

I had to think a bit before publishing this story as I wasn’t sure if it would be useful for you. However, after reading further I realized that there are probably a LOT of small businesses still using DOS applications for one reason or another. Probably (I hope not) on the desktop but on some special applications on a server or old computer.
Accounting company ACCPAC ran into this situation with one of their clients.
Founded in 1988, with 230 employees in 12 locations nationwide, Win Stuff¬?s skill cranes are found in thousands of restaurants, supermarkets, and malls throughout the country, making Win Stuff one of the largest vertically integrated skill crane vending machine operators in the U.S. They also manufacture all the toys used in their cranes through their subsidiary, Good Stuff.
Win Stuff needed to upgrade from its DOS based accounting system to a state-of-the-art, end-to-end business management system that could handle all of its accounting functions, from payroll and reporting to real-time inventory management.
Win Stuff CEO Sid Banon says when it came time to upgrade, the company took the opportunity to survey other options, but ultimately chose to stick with Sage Software and migrate to Sage Accpac ERP. ?We’re very pleased with the improvements we’?ve seen since upgrading to Sage Accpac,? says Banon. ?It’s easy for new employees to learn, and is adaptable to our various business segments. It’s grown well with us, too. The real-time data it provides has been responsible for improving our employees’ efficiency between 10 and 20 percent.