Cymphonix: Get More From Your Network and Your Staff

Having a network is great. Connecting that network to the Internet is even better. UNTIL you have people using the network – then problems can begin. You’re running your business and want to get the most out of your employees but you wonder why work doesn’t seem to get done? You even wonder why your network is so slow? Cymphonix‘s line of network appliances gives YOU control of your network.
With Intelligent Network Appliances you can get a better idea of what traffic is on your network (porn, email, peer-to-peer software, etc) and determine what traffic should be on your network and how much priority to give it.
Maybe you have an important database that should have priority over other traffic – Cymphonix devices offer this kind of control.
Cymphonix delivers on two areas your networks security and performance:
Security features include: Spyware Control, Anti-Virus, Content Filtering, SPI Firewall, P2P Control and Instant Messaging Logging
Performance features include: Application Shaping, Bandwidth Optimization, Quality of Service (QoS), Real-Time & Historical Reporting, Automated Alerts and Report Delivery
You no longer have to GUESS what’s happening with your network you KNOW what’s happening and can take corrective measures. The reporting functions are VERY extensive and frankly well designed. Before you buy that extra bandwidth consider if instead you need to ask a few employees to reduce their bandwidth use for personal activities, for example.
Cost: The Network Composer model NC75, ideal for smaller businesses, supports up to 75 users, and sells for $1,995.