Dual Core Notebooks (and Desktops while you’re at it)

The hot thing on the market for those who crave power are dual-core chips. These chips make your computing process faster, especially for processor intensive tasks by being able to process more information in less time.
While dual core chips are not a “must have” upgrade for everyone, they could be a must have upgrade if you really need speed – graphic designers for example and daily to processor intensive tasks.
PC World did a series of tests and writes The PC World Test Center looked at two laptops carrying 2-GHz Core Dual T2500 CPUs and 1GB of RAM: a $1923 HP Pavilion dv1000 and a $2307 Dell Inspiron E1705. Each unit earned a WorldBench 5 score of 97, which puts them among the fastest portables we’ve ever tested. The highest-scoring model in our current Top 10 chart, the Acer Aspire AS9504WSMi, came with a 2-GHz Pentium M 760 chip and earned a score of 99, just 2 points higher than the Core Duo notebooks despite having double the memory.