Email Control in 2006

I have a very good system of keeping track of the floods of email I receive. Folders, auto-replies, auto-sort and etc all make my use of email very manageable. However, I know there’s many of you who suffer with email overload and can’t control it.
The Washington Post has a nice overview of email control and writes OR ARCHIVE. It sounds simple enough, but just sorting through the hundreds (or thousands) of mails is a job within itself.
No matter if you read mail over Yahoo, GMail or Hotmail, or if you access it through programs such as Outlook, Lotus Notes or Eudora, you have the capability to sort the mail by sender or subject line.
That’s where I started. Click on the heading and start searching for stuff that has to go. In my case, the automatic news alerts that date back to last summer can probably go first.
If you’re using Outlook, select a group of similar e-mails and press the delete key once. If you’re using a Web-based program, the best bet may be to perform a search on the e-mails from a sender or those who use the same subject line. When your search results appear, select them all and hit delete.