Email Security Is No Longer An Option

Via email is where you will be mainly attacked by viruses, phishing attacks and simple, plain, annoying, time wasting spam. Symantec has released a solution, specifically designed for the budgets and time of small businesses – Symantec Mail Security 8220 Appliance.
The Symantec Mail Security 8220 Appliance is only one part of the story. The most exciting part is that now Symantec offers three types of mail security deployment options – an appliance (you install a pre-configured computer in your office), software (install software on your own server), or hosted service (just point your email to Symantec – no software, no hardware to install).
In addition to consolidating antispam and antivirus protection, Symantec Mail Security 8220 includes an email firewall, traffic shaping, content filtering, and content compliance capabilities in a single appliance.
Small businesses can be connected with Symantec’s resellers and distributors in their areas by visiting the Symantec Solution Provider locator at Small businesses can also learn more about these solutions at Symantec’s small business website at
More information on Symantec Email Security and Availability is available at
Symantec Mail Security is $995 for the hardware, plus $20 – $34 per person for the software license.
If you want to better ensure your business stays in business and is not brought down by a virus, I would HIGHLY suggest you consider an email security solution. You have three options – a hardware device in your office, software installed on your own server or an outsourced option hosted by Symantec.