eUnify’s Online Database: Sweet. Fast. Easy.

If there’s one thing I love, other than Krispy Kreme donuts its a great database. Traditional databases such as Microsoft Access and File Maker Pro are great and have their place in the world of databases. However, when you need to QUICKLY create a database that needs to be shared with others (quickly) nothing beats the power of an online database. I’ve been having a look at eUnify’s online database and I really like it.
Starting at $70 per month for up to 5 users, eUnify Network’s online database does several things perfect from the start:
1. It gives you total control over who can work with your database.
# Database-Level permissions define which members can view, add, edit and delete records from the database as well as manage the underlying database structure.
# Field-Level permissions define which members can view, add and edit specific fields in the database. This is crucial for securing sensitive information while providing flexibility at the lowest level.
# Database Views determine the fields to display, the ordering of the fields and and filter criteria to apply. Groups and Members are granted access to database views so different members can have different views into the same database.
You can make your own database or use one of the pre-defined databases already made for you. eUnify’s database competes head on with Intuit’s Quickbase which I’ve used in the past as well and like. One big difference between these two databases is price – Quickbase is $250 per month for 10 users.
eUnify’s new database compliments their intranets offering as well. Check it out for yourself.
In planning for the Small Business Summit we emailed files back and forth to each other…having an online database would have made the process much easier. Next time, I’ll use more of the great technology tools I write about!