Geeks-On-Time – What a Great Service

Today I had a problem with a computer hard disk and did all I could to figure out the problem, but in the end wanted a “practicing” or real geek to have a look. I ended up calling Geek Squad but was told I had to go to Best Buy to get my computer fixed. Cost would have been about $60 to look at the computer and $40 for a hard disk install. I had heard of Geeks On Time earlier and decided to give them a call.
I called about 1:00pm and they said they could have a technician to see me by 5:00pm!
What was most impressive is that the person I spoke to on the phone was trying to help me resolve the problem (for free mind you) so he would not have to call a technician. I was impressed by the service and technical knowledge of the person I spoke with.
If you need help with your computer and don’t have a reliable computer consultant to turn to check out