Hackers Love It When You Don’t Use A Firewall

At a recent hacker’s conference, ShmooCon, in Washington DC a hacker revealed that he was able to take advantage of a security hole in Windows and hack into computers that had no firewall. The guy was hacking on an airplane by the way.
Lesson learned MAKE SURE have a firewall installed on your computer. The Age writes In a presentation at the conference, Mark Loveless, (aka Simple Nomad), a senior security researcher for Vernier Threat Labs and self-confessed hacker, revealed the wireless security flaw that has the potential to affect any laptop computer running a recent version of the Microsoft Windows operating system.
His address, which was detailed in a security blog on the Washington Post, divulged that Mr Loveless had successfully exploited the vulnerability on airline flights to gain access to Windows machines that other passengers were using.
The vulnerability was exposed on Windows XP or Windows 2000 laptops that were unprotected by a firewall, according to Mr Loveless.