Info Eye Candy with Visual Mining

It is SO very easy to get flooded with a boat load of spreadsheets showing important information that’s buried in rows and rows of numbers. What makes this data come ALIVE and become rich information is when it’s presented in a chart. Not just a chart but what if that chart was dynamic and alive – even a dashboard, if you will?
Visual Mining specializes in helping businesses take their data and turn it into useful information. You can try to build your own solution with some complex programming, Java Script and Excel. But do you have the time or money? Or you can buy a solution from Visual Mining.
Visual Mining offers – Executive dashboards, performance monitors, online reports – each a valuable instrument to execute strategy and improve your organization’s success. With Visual Mining’s NetCharts Business Solutions you have the ability to have production-ready results in a fraction of the time as other tools. End-users receive high-quality, visual reports in their preferred format, including: online dashboards, email, pdf, and more.
Visual Mining also offers a complete line of interactive graphical reporting tools for business and government organizations needing maximum software flexibility, high performance, and low cost.
From NetCharts Applets, the first Java-powered charting engine they introduced in 1996, to enterprise reporting solutions with NetCharts Server, Visual Mining’s NetCharts products work in virtually any environment
You can download 30 day trial of their software and try it for yourself!
If you use, Visual Mining is part of its AppExchange marketplace as well.
Users of will find that they could probably use Visual Mining as:
# Dashboards are difficult and time-consuming to set up the way has them incorporated into the application;
# Reporting is often ¬?hit-or-miss¬?, requiring multiple runs to get exactly the information managers are looking for;
# Analysis can be done only by exporting to Excel or another tool, and if parameters change, the process has to be repeated and repeated and repeated.