Inside a Pocket PC: A Beginner’s Guide

For those of you who already have a PDA running Microsoft’s Pocket PC please indulge the many in my audience who probably have not used (or seen) a Pocket PC Device. In the world of mobile computing there’s two main operating systems – Palm and Windows Pocket PC. There are others, such as the one BlackBerry uses and ones used by your call phone maker. But we’ll today the focus is on Pocket PC.
In general, Pocket PC is a small version of Windows – that’s good and bad. It’s good as the interface is familiar to you, but it’s bad as on a mobile device sometimes things are more complicated than they need to be. has a VERY good overview of Pocket PC and writes Even though your Pocket PC is a powerful computer on its own, thinking of your desktop PC and your Pocket PC as partners is probably the better way to go. The two of them make a great team, and each has features that complement the other. It’s just a fact that there are some things you simply wouldn’t want to do with one or the other.