Instant On Notebooks – Coming Soon

There are already some notebooks/computers that can INSTANTLY, no boot up required, do multi-media tasks like TV or video. However, what about for business use? Why does it take 2 minutes to boot up a notebook?
Microsoft and its hardware partners are working on that. The Associated Press writes Microsoft, whose nearly ubiquitous Windows platform is expanding into ever more mobile and entertainment-oriented gadgets, knows improvements are needed. It promises to address that issue in its upcoming Windows upgrade, called Vista, due for release by the end of the year.
In one such feature, called Sideshow, laptops would be able to retrieve phone contacts, to-do lists or other organizer-type files ¬? all without the need to turn on the machine or boot up the main operating system. Instead, users could instantly access that data, which would be displayed on a small screen embedded in the notebook’s lid.