Intel’s New Platform for Business

Intel’s unveiling a new platform for your computer system which makes your computing experience fast and more energy efficient. The evolution of the Internet doesn’t quite mimic but does go hand in hand in many cases with hardware technology. As broadband gets faster, the web will get more feature rich and computer overall will get faster.

AME Info writes At the heart of the new platforms are Intel’s new, dual-core processors manufactured using the company’s leading 65nm process technology. They include the Intel¬Æ Core¬? Duo processor that boasts a unique design with two processors in a package roughly the size of a large postage stamp, coupling new levels of performance with breakthrough energy-efficiency to inspire innovative laptop and PC designs. Intel Core Duo will power Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology and certain models of Intel Viiv technology.
Intel also introduced the Intel¬Æ Pentium¬Æ D processor (formerly codenamed ‘Presler’), its new, dual-core processor for desktop PCs that will power many models of Intel Viiv technology and can deliver increased performance for multitasking, multi-user and entertainment scenarios, including music downloads, photo and video editing and audio encoding.